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Lord Sumption reminds the public of their rights

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This new situation is very confusing as to what the police can and can’t do under the new bill which was introduced recently.

Lord Sumption who was interviewed on Sky News (Tuesday 31st March) made it very clear that the police have to apply the law as set out in the bill and they can only advise what the government guidelines say.

He says “They are not an Army of occupation, currently under the new bill, they cannot arrest you for going for a drive to have a walk, they cannot enter a shop premises and fine a shop keeper for selling non-essential goods.

He goes onto say ” It appears that people who have received fines can complain to the Superintendent or in extreme cases not pay the fine and go to court. The courts cannot enforce and penalise a person for something which is not currently breaking the law.

There needs to be common sense in the way the [government] guidance (and not law) is interpreted.”

More on dog walking, cycling and running. 

Driving to exercise with your dog (or without your dog) , going out for a cycle or going for a run is NOT prohibited, after all!

On Monday, former supreme court justice Lord Sumption said “excessive measures were in danger of turning Britain into a “police state”, singling out Derbyshire police – which deployed drones and dyed the Blue Lagoon near Buxton black to make it less appealing – for “trying to shame people in using their undoubted right to take exercise in the country and wrecking beauty spots in the fells”.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and College of Policing are rushing through guidance reminding officers that despite politicians’ warnings they cannot bar people from going for a run or a drive.

It will state that while certain actions such as driving to exercise may be unwise, they are not prohibited by the emergency powers,”

Horse riding.

Currently there are no restrictions or laws on hacking out with your horse. Many horse owners on the Isle of Wight are DIY livery, so these owners HAVE to drive to the stables twice a day as some horses are stabled all day, so these horses must be exercised on a daily basis.

Riding your motorbike.

Currently there are no restrictions on going out for a ride on your motorbike. By wearing a helmet with a visor and gloves, bikers have more protection than a nurse in a hospital at the moment!

Isle of Wight Police

The Isle of Wight police have behaved incredibly well and responsible. There has been a low key presence around the Island but no where near the bullish tactics of Derbyshire police. Perhaps this is because the Island today (Tues 31st March) only has 0.007% of cases based on a population of 147,000 people. The Isle of Wight currently has the second lowest number of cases in the UK at the time of writing this.

Going out puts more strain on the NHS?

Absolute rubbish, with the explosion of DIY at home you are far more likely to sustain an injury at home doing DIY than you are out on a drive, cycle or run on the Islands now empty roads. People who are staying in believe it or not run far more risk of injuring themselves falling off a ladder, having an accident with a power tool, old people falling over in their garden and fracturing their hip, people are now using their spare time to carry out DIY on their homes which in normal times flood A&E throughout the summer weekends.

Pictured: Lord Sumption

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