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Checkmate at the Chequers – the Government have let us down badly…

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Mark Holmes who currently runs the Chequers Inn Pub, Rookley received a massive shock, even though the Chequers Inn employ over 30 staff, he discovered today he will not be entitled to any grants what’s so ever in order to keep the pub afloat.
Mark was distraught when he discovered that businesses with a rateable value of £51,001 or above will not qualify for government assistance. Mark commented “how on earth can this be, we are not Weatherspoon’s, we have not got millions of pounds sitting in the bank, we are a small family business who employ local people. Larger pubs like the Chequers Inn have much larger overheads and the days off so called ‘raking it in’ have long gone. 2 years ago I spent in the region of £100,000 re-furbishing the pub.
This is not the only bad news Mark received, The White Lion, Niton has also fallen foul of the rules. The White Lion was rated early last year on the basis of being a rundown village pub. However, Mark who recently purchased the pub and once again spent in the region of £120,000 on an extensive re-furbishment will only receive the lower grant of £10,000, based on the business rate assessment.
Mark, also purchased Long Island, Newport in February 2020 and has been informed that the property has not yet been rated.
So between 3 large establishments he’s total grant as it stands at the moment is £10,000. He commented, “I just cannot make sense of this at all, I have other publicans informing me they are going to receive £25,000 per pub, and one person I know of who owns 5 pubs will be receiving £125,000.
” I am not sure where we stand at the moment, the government have to act fast and take another look at this situation, simply basing these grants on rateable value will lead to many large family pubs closing their doors which will leave massive holes in the local community.”
Pictured center: Mark Holmes

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